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Share few words about Product Management strategy and principle you follow while building products.

Since I’m the only person working on my projects, there isn’t as much process as there would be with a team consisting of more people.

First of all I try to figure out what people might want from my project. I then divide the work in to individual tasks that I can handle easily.

I do this by looking around on forums and identifying the group of people I think could be interested in my product – I looked around on DesignerNews and on Reddit before I built FormBackend. After that I try to set myself a deadline, so I can focus on the most important tasks and get something out in front of people to validate my idea.

What User Experience benefit does your product provide for end users?

FormBackend solve problems for people that are building static websites that aren’t necessarily hooked up to a database. Or for people that work at bigger companies where they are separate from the engineering department and need a way to put a form on a marketing web site or similar to collect responses. It takes something that could take a day, and makes it a process that’ll take minutes. All you need to do is sign up at and create a form “backend”. You then take that unique URL and insert it in to your plain HTML form’s action-attribute, and you’re ready to go and collect responses!

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