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Task Management and Time Tracking Software

Designed for Small teams does not prescribe any specific strategy, though our tools are probably most suited to more Agile strategies such as Scrum. focuses on the process of capturing and tracking tasks, without declaring how you might choose to organise or prioritise those tasks. You can use our filtering and tagging system to set up many different arrangements.

So you could use in a Waterfall project environment to help you execute tasks. You could easily use with Agile or Scrum based projects. Similarly, it could be used with Extreme Programming or Rapid Development techniques. deliberately avoids project planning because we feel that the planning stages are better handled by dedicated tools such as Gantt charting and vary dramatically with each project. is also deliberately designed for small teams that tend to work on many small projects simultaneously. So we provide tools to allow staff to see ‘cross-project’ views and reporting and easily move between multiple simultaneous projects.” Screenshots
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